Beyond traditional specialized training applications

Beyond traditional specialized training applications

In most cases, the training is technical or behavioral. However, there are also coaching courses that do not fall into any of these categories. These are classified as specific training packages and are applied with an agenda to improve the work process within the organization.

A rich work tradition can be both a blessing and a problem for the organization. It is a blessing because it brings new and diverse perspectives that lead to creativity and innovation. However, it is just as difficult because it makes the teamwork course a tedious task. Multinational companies around the world are known for employing a workforce that includes people of all races, creeds, and colors. Many of these companies have reported problems of racism. Organizations in the Asian subcontinent have also reported cases of sexual harassment of employees. While many of these thorny issues come up from time to time, the only answer is to raise awareness and shed light on these issues through coaching.

Below are some examples of non-behavioral, non-technical training that falls under the category of specialized training programs.

Diversity Awareness Training: Leading a diverse workforce is undoubtedly one of the most pressing challenges of the 21st century. The organizations address complaints of workplace harassment by workers of all races, immigrants and ethnic groups, gays and lesbians. Therefore, it is more necessary than ever to discuss the values of different groups of workers to avoid conflicts. These problems can be resolved by providing an acceptable training intervention. Diversity awareness coaching is a must these days and helps improve the overall competitiveness and competencies of the group. Many companies today embrace diversity and have embraced it as a means of survival. And those who have not opened their doors to a diverse tradition face discrimination. Sexual Harassment Training – Almost all types of businesses, regardless of the type of business or business they are in, receive complaints of sexual harassment in the office. While these complaints often go unreported and ignored in more and more international venues, even as voices are raised, in developed economies with progressive workforces, reporting sexual harassment in the office leads to difficult approved applications. Therefore, training on sexual harassment in the office is needed. While most organizations have sexual harassment policies, not communicating them lessens their impact. During sexual harassment training, these tips are articulated and members are made aware of their rights and the tact of reporting such cases. Creative Empowerment: Organizations today want to stand out from the crowd and therefore want innovation and creativity to flow through their workforce. Therefore, companies encourage periods of brainstorming and experiential learning to get employees to think “outside the box” and thus create an artistic spirit of their group.

Special training applications are flexible and can be tailored to a company's personal needs. So if a company feels that their employees want a type of training that has never been done before, with the help of leaders, it can actually be adjusted.

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