Darshan M Desai creates a train show to make parenting enjoyable

Parents play an essential role in building and maintaining a child's environment. A young man carefully observes his mother and father and learns from what he observes. A mother or father must play the role of a good friend, caregiver, guardian and more throughout the child's life. Parents must also be inspiring role models for their children to become good adults. To do this successfully and smoothly, the mother and father want to capture the spirit of parenthood. The path of parenthood is difficult and full of challenges and they usually need training to raise their children.

To answer the questions of the elderly and children, Darshan M. Desai, with 22 years of experience as a parent, brings us Joyful Parenting with ISP (Infant Siddha Program) - The Art of Parenting. Desai is a co-founder of ISP-The Art of Parenting and has been the director of Little Wings Play for the past 15 years. It is a systematic and scientific training program that teaches parents how to develop their children in all the higher components of human evolution. The goal of this training program is to create a bond of faith, love and joy between mom and dad and the children. To make them aware of their energy to raise their children and how to enjoy this parenting journey.

This ISP training covers a selection of topics along with the overall development of a child, how to develop each side of a child's mind, the method of nurturing and enhancing a child's distinctive talents, the method of developing a "love of love" of a child, how to raise a happy, carefree and responsible baby and much more. This is an eight-week program where each parent meets with the teacher for three hours, four or five days a week. To learn more about the training program, visit the ISPTheArtofParenting Facebook page.