25 July 2023

What is the introductory characteristic of informal education?

In simple terms, informal education refers to the general learning we acquire outside of a structured classroom setting. It's all about life experiences, social interactions, and self-learning. This type of education is not planned and therefore comes naturally in our everyday activities. It's flexible and learner-centered, allowing individuals to learn at their own pace and in their own style. In essence, informal education can be considered as the 'education of life'.

21 July 2023

What kind of system of education do you prefer?

In my opinion, the ideal education system would be one that focuses on holistic development and fosters creativity in students. It should prioritize critical thinking and problem-solving skills, rather than rote learning. I believe every individual has unique strengths, and the system should cater to this by offering a broad range of subjects. In addition, the education system should instill a lifelong love for learning, rather than just preparing students for exams. Lastly, the system should emphasize the importance of values, ethics, and empathy, to equip students to become compassionate global citizens.